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Tactical Advice & Implementation
Feasibility & Due Diligence
Market Research & Development
Repositioning Projects
Lecturing & Training

Sales & Marketing – Domestic & International

Media Management, Public Relations and Publicity

Tourism Management Services – overview
  • development of business models for pre-existing and new tourism products via marketing and feasibility plans
  • archetypal branding and product communication campaigns with associated initiatives within the international market place
  • sales management, contract solicitation, qualification and negotiation of major consortia agency and independent agency opportunities
  • room inventory strategy, with a focus on yield management inclusive of dynamic pricing and allotments provided to major suppliers and consumers direct
  • providing studies and monitoring of actual materialisation levels, allowing maximum inventory availability to market demand displaying growth
  • rate solicitation and rate setting for accommodation venues and services, establishment and maintenance of policies surrounding rate parity, integrity and yield management
  • provision of product marketing and sales support to nurture business relationships for mutual and lasting benefit within all available market segments
  • maintenance of healthy cooperative associations with state and national tourism boards around the world as well as land, hotel, cruise and air partners
  • annual preparation and execution of applicable tourism award submissions
  • facilitate all areas of public relations, management of existing external contractors and general media activities including print media visits and all electronic media initiatives derived from television, radio and the internet
  • management of available industry and tourism bodies’ resources conducting day to day sales calls, follow-up and lead transmission, as well as representation when participating in key trade shows in Australia and internationally
  • creative and content development responsibility for product website and associated promotional pages on external sites
  • integral involvement in all key company decisions as a member of the executive team, reporting directly to owners and managers pertaining to all operational departments including Rooms Division, Food & Beverage Outlets, Touring Services and Financial Management
  • responsibility for planning, preparation and production of all marketing materials and collateral including consumer direct mail, annual brochures, press releases, consumer and trade print advertising, branded novelties, newsletter, fax and email transmissions to new and existing suppliers and direct consumer client databases
  • auditing of sales and marketing activities, website performance indicators and comprehensive due diligence reporting are offered at various stages of new acquisition broking and pre-opening planning
Feasibility & Due Diligence

Whether it be a resort, hotel or travel company, various commercial transactions such as acquisitions, asset sales and outsourcing require a meticulous and robust due diligence process that is critical to the successful outcome of the transaction. The conduct of due diligence should facilitate the identification and treatment of matters and issues impacting on the transaction.

id Services Australia provides specialist services and knowledge of the sales, marketing and public relations function within a resort, hotel or travel company to examine all financial or market projections, exposing whether or not they are in fact achievable.

Marketing, public relations and sales due diligence requires auditing the proposed transaction, both externally and from within the existing business. Comprehensive review process must cover the existing and projected source of business, market mix, collateral, distribution mix and marketing reviews, pricing structure, competitor set and e-marketing. It must also incorporate an overview of all valid contracts in place, prior commitments made to future rate solicitations with industry suppliers, land, cruise and airlines not discounting all other partners. Due diligence in this instance provides protection against unwanted obligations that have the potential to affect profitability after the transaction. Property management systems, central reservations systems and telephone and internet call centres must be included, allowing an efficient handover and continuity of normal business operations.

Macro government and economic forces, current airline services and future developments, including all plans by new competitor developments, together this indicative information offers a chance to forecast desired business objectives and the effects of market forces.

Feasibility levels will be created allowing for a realistic business plan, or timeline of activities. Indicators provide confidence for new managers to proceed with the implementation of new collateral, departmental transitions, consumer and industry awareness, new e-marketing, high resolution images, guest and staff stationery and induction – ultimately aligned toward a segway from one set of company operational procedures to the new. id Services Australia is experienced in projects requiring due diligence in the tourism and hotel sector.

Market Research & Development

Historically speaking the tourism industry has been renowned for making decisions based on a ‘sixth sense’, bringing to the fore a need for less assumptions and more accurate research. Whether it be a new product launch, re-positioning, sale or acquisition, market research is essential. Incorrect decisions will result in failed objectives – either financially or in product integrity.

id Services Australia provides a broad scope of market research services and techniques.
Market research starts from extracting relevant data that currently exists within maintained marketing information systems. Further research can include the coordination of focus groups, conducting surveys and calling upon information from various umbrella organisations within the private and government sectors.

Qualitative research using smaller focused samples can be effective when fine tuning detailed information; or quantitative, utilising a greater number of samples reflecting the customer profile, filtering the results into an aggregate creating specific criteria. Tourism industry standards exist to provide a set of criteria allowing competitor operations to meet and exceed their closest product rivals, raising the bar at every stage to ensure their product maintains an edge on its competition.

Repositioning Projects

Competition surrounding the hotel and tourism industry remains intense and the need for clear product positioning is crucial to ensure valuable marketing funds are utilised wisely. Correct product positioning will identify the benefits available to the guest, highlighting the products’ qualities and in turn providing a sense of satisfaction for all consumers.

Successful repositioning will highlight all available unique selling points, emphasising various points of difference of a product compared to its competitive set. Geographic and demographic markets will emerge as new opportunities not necessarily considered before. Repositioning of any product requires all stakeholders to instigate a dedicated activity that requires an objective look into their own business to investigate the actual consumer and trade perception both within its existing markets and those desired markets not actively using the product.

Creation of a brand pyramid, corporate philosophy, vision statement and setting core values is a process of involvement best conducted by employees, management and owners.

Never static, product positioning is a long term agenda item requiring review normally incorporated into a timeline of two-year increments. Tactical public relations campaigns and advertising supporting the desired product position will assist to reinforce the long term perception. Accurate depiction of the product is the key to long term success, avoiding consumer dissatisfaction which can spiral quickly into damaging negativity at both industry and consumer levels if found to be misleading.

Consumers will relate more so to the actual services as opposed to the perception. Identifying consumer profiles prior to all initiatives will ensure all efforts are beneficial in achieving the correct appeal. This will in turn distinguish the product from its competitive set.

Lecturing & Training

Chris Fenech returned to Macleay College Sydney, his place of formal tertiary education, as a guest lecturer to speak to future tourism exponents. Students studying the age-old craft of hotel management and tourism are the future and those currently employed in tourism operations at all levels continue to need relevant training to ensure the core values of the operation are upheld.

Training must be ongoing, managed and part of each and every employee’s career path. Professionalism, efficiency, work ethic and a positive culture within the operation are just some of the benefits of staff training. Communicating company developments will foster a sense of transparency at all levels of the organisation, bringing to life the old adage “without the people, this business is just bricks and mortar”.

id Services Australia believes that a company’s staff is its greatest asset, employing professional training modules including;

  • Sales and reservations
  • Marketing and product
  • Guest service
  • Public relations
  • Revenue management

For information on the multi-award Macleay College contact:

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