SEALEGSĀ® is a revolutionary patented concept in the power boat market

Sealegs has been specifically designed and developed to take all the hassle out of the boat launching and retrieval process.

The Sealegs system consists of motorised, retractable and steerable wheels which are fitted to specially designed boats to give users a fully integrated, turn-key package.

The Sealegs system works by having powerful motorised wheels which give a user variable speed of 0-10km/h (forward and reverse) powered by an on-board 24hp Honda driven hydraulic power-pack.

A Sealegs boat can be driven from a storage location, down a boat ramp or beach and into the water – all with the occupants staying in the boat and remaining completely dry!. Once in the water, the Sealegs wheels are easily retracted into the “UP” position and are completely out of the water. The boat is then driven and used as normal. When approaching land, the Sealegs wheels are lowered into the “DOWN” position whilst still moving in the water.

It is then simply a matter of trolling towards the beach and the Sealegs powerful motorised wheels touch the bottom and drive the boat up onto land. The occupants can then disembark, totally dry and safe.

The Sealegs system utilises all submersible components and is salt water ready.

Recreational use

If you live on or near the water, experiencing a Sealegs will be nothing short of life changing for you. With millions spent in R&D investment our company has developed the only proven technology in the world which transforms a powerful all-terrain vehicle into a high-speed, ocean going speed boat – all at the push off a button.

With a Sealegs, you have the ability to launch and retrieve your vessel safely, effortlessly and in a matter of minutes. This is the reason so many of our clients find themselves on the water a great deal more once they have their Sealegs.Should you own a property on or near the beach, the ability to be on water for the small windows of opportunity when time or weather permits, changes the game entirely.

Our clients represent an exclusive club of just 500 owners in 25 countries worldwide.

Professional use

Sealegs amphibious marine craft are built tough for demanding all terrain conditions. The unique patented technology utilises durable hydraulic and marinised componentry for reliability in harsh environments worldwide.

How to contact SEALEGS

Please complete see the Enquiry Form or email directly and we will forward your details to an authorised dealer.


Sealegs is used by governments all over the world including:

  • The Royal Thai Navy
  • Malaysian Fire Department
  • Italian FIre Department
  • NZ Coast Guard
  • Mumbai Police

Commercial applications are endless, and could include:

  • Use as a water taxi
  • Fish farming & aqua-culture
  • Use by tour operators for tours that take place primarily on the water but may include a short drive on land
  • Dredging & mining
  • Coastal survey & seismology
  • Port authorities
  • Beachfront, riverfront or lakefront resorts to easily transport guests from land into the water and vice versa
  • Ecotourism
  • Conservation & Scientific research
  • Military and Navy uses
  • Law enforcement applications
  • Use as a luxury yacht tender
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