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Emerging rapidly as one the most important components of the marketing mix is electronic marketing.
Since the early 1990s internet usage and the general rise in personal computer ownership and access to the worldwide web has provided good reason for all businesses to be part of this revolution.

Today, electronic marketing comprises of a host of e-tools including;

  • Electronic media release and newsletters
  • Electronic promotions
  • Database mining and email capture
  • Marketing to industry systems – GDS
  • Pricing partnerships

We offer a sophisticated scope of services and expertise encompassing tactical electronic marketing initiatives.

Websites & e-Brochures

Modern day consumer trends relating to the planning of travel itineraries and holiday destinations has seen the rapid rise in internet bookings, an industry now exceeding $50 billion.
Direct reservations made using the internet continue to grow, with significant effect to traditional call centre sales, direct bookings and via industry global distribution systems.

Many large hotel groups have reacted with the introduction of rigid procedures designed to police rate management throughout various distribution avenues. As a result, internet rate policies have been designed to aggressively compete against non-affiliated tourism and travel web sites. Several major hotel groups now report over 70% of their internet bookings originate from their own web sites.

Taking reservations using the internet, promotion of the core services and external services, enhancing the brand identity, customer support, database mining, advertising an event or itinerary are the key objectives when creating a website.

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